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Posted 19 Apr 2009 in general, Tour

East Swing Tour

I was on tour back in Feb, headed through NYC to a couple Connecticut shows w/ the homie AKA and the show in Brooklyn has been reviewed by a blog, and the bloggers even made a video from the show. The blog is DIO: Do It Ourselves and it’s all about music reviews, industry news and artist views. Turns out the guys played w/ me in Indiana and… you can read the rest in their blog, don’t forget their video too. . . enjoy:

Live show review – Dante and NY Oil at Sputnik

World Music Wednesdays, presented by Cajo Communications, happens once a month at a little spot in Brooklyn called Sputnik. I didn’t know that; I just wanted to go see Dante, an underground hip hop artist from Detroit. Now, why would I travel from the Mid-Hudson Valley to Brooklyn (about three hours travel time, including the time it took me to figure out which subway to take – silly upstate people and their subway comprehension deficiency) to see an act from Detroit?

dante1I’ve had the privilege of sharing the stage with Dante in the past, so I’ve seen him captivate audiences before. Dante plays to a room of 50 people as if it were 50,000 people, and that’s exactly what he did in Brooklyn last Wednesday night. When he first stepped on stage, I could hear the thoughts of the people around me: “Who’s this bearded guy?” “When did Ryan Dunn start rapping?” But as soon as he began rhyming and dancing all over the stage, the uncertainty quickly evaporated. The place became alive. Anyone who can shout through a megaphone, play harmonica, and get a crowd participation chant going at the same time is obviously awesome. And anyone who can cuss out the crowd and have people offering to buy his CD before he even steps off the stage has obviously gotten some attention.

Another notable performance came from NY Oil, an activist/MC hailing from Staten Island. To say NY Oil was intense on the mic is a dramatic nyoilunderstatement. His songs were heavy in content, politically-driven and aggressively demanding of social justice. In between songs, NY Oil spoke to the crowd with passion, telling us to wake up and take charge of our lives. Watching his set was almost like attending a revolutionary seminar, but he also promoted a strong sense of unity. He made everyone in the venue, myself included, feel like we were a part of something special, namely the hip hop culture.

In addition to the showcase artists, the show started off with an open mic session, allowing newcomers to get on the stage for one song. It was a fun show with a variety of styles and an energetic but nonviolent vibe: the perfect recipe for a live hip hop event.

(thanks to DJ Halo, DJ Emmo, DTR45 fam, Tone & AKA for helping out w/ everything on the East Swing Tour, and of course the guys @ DIO )

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